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Weight Set F1 Class – 200g (23pcs)

This Standard weight set is of F1 class & manufactured from stainless steel. It compromises of 23 pieces & is an ideal choice for your lab’s calibration needs. You may calibrate all of your Class 1 analytical weighing scales.

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Standard Weight Set – F1 Class – 1mg to 200g – 23 pieces

This standard set includes 23 pieces of weights, a glove, a brush, a tweezer.

200g x 2, 100g x 1, 50g x 1,
20g x 2, 10g x 1, 5g x 1,
2g x 2, 1g x 1, 500mg x 1,
200mg x 2, 100mg x 1, 50mg x 1,
20mg x 2, 10mg x 1, 5mg x 1,
2mg x 2, 1mg x 1