Topper T2 Digital Stop Clock

Topper Digital Stop Clock T2

Topper T2 Digital Stop Clock is the new-age stop clock. This all new feature-loaded stop clock is ideal for all labs. With a high accuracy of 0.01 sec and large 19 hours timing range makes it perfect. With count down function it can also function as a Digital Timer which gives an alarm after set time. With count up function is functions as a long range stop clock which measures elapsed time. With clock mode it gives the current time.

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Digital Stop Clock Topper T-2 is a high accuracy stop clock with timer function. The classic shape and modern technology makes it a unique digital stop clock for your laboratory.

Measuring Range: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
Resolution: 0.01 seconds
Count Up & Count Down
With Clock Model(12/24 hours)
With buzzer sound
Dimensions: 126 x 118 x44.5 mm
8 Digital LCD Display
Power Soruce:  1 x AA battery

Packing:20pcs/carton,45×31.5×33.5 cm