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Sodium Vapor Lamp Sox Lamp 35W

SOX-35 Low Pressure Sodium Lamp or Sox Lamp is an ideal light source for all laboratories & physics experiments. This lamp comes with improved efficacy. BY22D socket ensures compatibility with all existing common transformers.

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Sox Lamp 35W for Physics Lab Experiments:
Tubular form with an infra-red reflecting layer. Due to the monochromatic yellow light, it is possible to see rich contrasts. This lamp must be operated with the appropriate transformer or ballast.

• Uniform sodium distribution in the discharge tube by means of dimples for a more stable discharge, higher efficacy and better lumen maintenance and lamp life
• Special coating of SOX-E outer tube results in higher lamp efficacy than SOX
• Monochromatic yellow color with non-existent color rendering
• Lamp Shape: T53
• Base Socket: BY22D
• Average Life: 10,000 hours

What is a Sox Lamp ?
Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp(aka Sox Lamp) emits light at 589 nm and 589.6 nm, useful for wavelength calibration or resolution regulation. When the lamp is switched on, it initially emits dim pink light to warm the Sodium metal present inside the tube; then it gradually turns into the common bright orange color as the Sodium metal vaporizes. Usually, a low-pressure Sodium lamp requires a warm up period of about ten minutes before it reaches substantially full light output, and has to cool down before restart.

Also commonly known as: MASTER SOX-E Low Pressure Sodium Lamp 35W BY22D