Pinpoint ORP Monitor American Marine

Pinpoint ORP Meter

PINPOINT® ORP Monitor measures the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or REDOX). The PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit contains all the necessary components for the successful and accurate measurement of Kangen/Alkaline/Ionized water and other liquids.
The Pinpoint ORP Meter is an ideal choice because it provides accurate and stable readings.

Pinpoint ORP meter

Measuring Range: –2,000mV to +2,000mV
Body Material: Polycarbonate body
Probe Dimensions: Ø12mm x 150mm
Sensor: UltraPure Platinum®
Reference: Sealed, gel-filled, double external junctions
Temperature: Range 32°F-140°F, 0°C-60°C
Female BNC Connector connected to 10 foot
(3 meter) high suppression cable.
Power Source: 1 x 9v 6F22 battery

PINPOINT ORP Meter Kit includes:
• ORP/REDOX Monitor and Probe
• Calibration Fluid (2 pouches)
• Storage Fluid
• Cleaning/Polishing Strip

Download the brochure: Here