benchtop 5 point ph meter + ion meter

PH Meter 5 point + ION Meter

PH-500 is a 5 point calibration ph meter & ION meter. It can measure pH, ION concentration, ORP, Temperature.

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PH-500 is a high accuracy machine used for measuring ION concentration, ORP, pH & Temperature.

• During the pH mode, upto 5 point auto calibration with push-button
• Selectable pH Standard & Temp. units
• Automatically calculates & displays electrode slope
• In ION mode, 2 to 5 point calibration from low to high cncentrations
• Direct ION readout
• Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC) ensures high accuracy
• Automatic endpoint function freezes the measured value for easy reading and recording the data
• Calibration due reminder prompts to calibrate the meter regularly
• Setup menu lets user customize buffer standards, calibration points, stability conditions, resolution,
measurement units, date & time
• Reset function can resume all settings to factory default values
• Built-in real time clock stamps stored data to meet GLP standards