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Non Contact Thermometer for Corona

Acutek’s Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer is your first line of defense against coronavirus. Use this to screen visitors and ensure it doesn’t spread on your premises. Safeguard your workforce and maintain a healthy working environment.

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Non-Contact Thermometer for forehead

How does a non-contact thermometer work?
A non-contact thermometer has an infrared sensor at the tip which detects a human body’s temperature from a distance of 5-15 cm.

How to efficiently use it?
Ideally, the temperature should be measured from a distance of 5cm with steady hands. Just point a gun-shaped infrared non-contact thermometer at the person’s forehead and press the trigger button once. The temperature will be recorded in 1 second.

Use of infrared non-contact thermometer during coronavirus epidemic in India?
Offices, factories, hospitals, educational institutions must screen each and every visitor before permitting entry in premises. It is advisable to place 1 non-contact thermometer at the entrance of your premises and measure the temperature of visitors. The normal temperature should be around 98.6. Visitors with a 2 degree higher or 2 degrees lower temperature reading should be attended with care & caution. This is the ideal procedure during coronavirus epidemic situation.
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Difference between an industrial infrared thermometer & a medical infrared thermometer?
The main difference is that the human body’s emissivity is 0.98 and an object’s emissivity is 0.95. Therefore a different sensor is used for both of these applications. Therefore an industrial infrared thermometer can not measure the human body’s temperature accurately. So to measure fever you must use a non-contact thermometer designed especially for human bodies.


  • Measuring Range (body mode): 90°F to 108°F
  • Range (Surface mode: 0 – 180°C
  • Resolution: 0.1 °F
  • Measuring distance: 5-15 cm
  • °F or °C selectable
  • Size ( H x W x D): 134mm x 82mm x 43mm
  • Weight: 205g

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