fruit penetrometerFruit Penetrometer hardness testerFruit Penetrometer hardness tester

Fruit Penetrometer hardness tester

Fruit hardness tester or Fruit Penetrometer: used to measure the hardness of apples, pears, watermelons, bananas and other fruits, to determine the maturity of fruits, to cultivate good varieties, picking time, processing time, harvest storage, export transportation and other reasonable control of time.
It is suitable for fruit research departments, fruit farms, fruit companies, universities and other units.
The instrument is small in size, light in weight, intuitive in numerical display and easy to carry. It is suitable for fruit inspection in various fruit venues.
It can also be assembled on a special test stand, which can improve the accuracy of testing and is suitable for professional testing departments.

Fruit Penetrometer Hardness Tester

FP-501 mainly tests soft fruits, such as apple, pear, strawberries & grapes etc.
FP-502 mainly tests hard fruits, such as cantaloupe.
Soft and hard fruit both can be measured with FP-503

Fruit firmness (P) refers to the ratio of fruit unit area (S) to the pressure (N) of the pressure spring under test.
P一Fruit hardness (10^5 Pa or kg/cm²)
N一Force exerted by a force-measuring spring on the fruit surface(N or kg)
S一 Fruit area of thrust surface (cm²)

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