Disarticulated Bone Set Skeleton with Skull 1

Disarticulated Bone Set Skeleton with Skull

A disarticulated skeleton also known as a bone set is an ideal tool to study & examine different human bones. This set is made of PVC plastic and accurately imitates landmarks, depths and actual human anatomy.  The advantage of a PVC model is that it is quite similar to the real thing and inexpensive to acquire. Therefore one can easily buy it and study it all one wants without depending on the school’s Bone library.

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Disarticulated Skeleton Model i.e Boneset

Life-size, disarticulated adult skeleton includes 3-part skull, right hand and right foot on wire.

  • Life sized male skeleton model, 23 intervertebral discs, 3 part skull with movable jaw
  • Extraordinary amount of anatomical details represented including 200+ bones and structures
  • Left hand and foot jointed, right hand and foot fully disarticulated
  • Very detailed medical quality anatomical model skeleton with bony landmarks, skeleton is not meant to be assembled and does not come with a stand
  • The skull has all structures present and the calvaria (skull cap) is removable with access to internal structure and it has the external acoustic meatus, the skull does not include nasal bones and there are no interior markings (such as the sphenoid), the mandible is not detachable (held in place by a spring)
  • Please note this model can NOT be assembled.

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 63x28x20cm, 9kgs