Digital Altimeter with BarometerDigital Altimeter with Barometer with Lanyard

Digital Altimeter Barometer

8 in 1 Function:
Altimeter(Range): -700 meters – 9000 meters /
-2300-2950ft (resolution ratio-1m/3ft)
Barometer(Range): 350hPa-1100hPa (resolution ratio-0.1hPa)
Units of Barometer: hPa, mmHg, InchHg
Digital Compass: show bearing in degrees and cardinal point
Thermometer(Range): -10 Degree to +60 Degree, (Format ):°F/°C
Weather Forecast: Start the machine, it can forecast the weather
in the next 12-24 hours, the effective range
of 30-50km
LED Backlight: In any state, press any key to open the backlight,
when open backlight, press any key to extend the
time of 5 seconds
Clock Format: 12Hr/24Hr (AM/PM)
Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (Not Included)