ANUMBRA Petri DishANUMBRA Petri Dish

ANUMBRA Petri Dish

Anumbra petri dish are made from best quality soda lime glass in Czech Republic, Europe. These glass dishes can be reused by sterlization.
Anumbra petri dishes are optically flat and perfect for culture.

We, M/S Ravi Scientific Industries are the authorized distributor of Anumbra Petri Dish in India. We keep an inventory of all sizes.


Anumbra Petri Dish

Anumbra Petri dish are made in state of the art facility in Europe yielding best quality. These are optically flat and made of the highest quality flint glass. These can be reused by sterilization & heated up to 160°C, making it perfect for your laboratory.
These Anumbra petri dish have a consistent thickness of 1.9mm ± 0.3mm.

The following table enumerates sizes & dimensions:

Model Size Pieces per box
APD-5012 2″/ 50mm 144 pcs.
APD-8015 3″/80mm 144 pcs.
APD-9015 3.5″/90mm 72 pcs.
APD-10015 4″/100mm 72 pcs.
APD-15025 6″/150mm 72 pcs.
APD-20030 8″/200mm 10 pcs.