Analytical Lab Scale internal calibration

Analytical Weighing Scale 0.1mg (INT)

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Max Capacity: 220 grams
Resolution: 0.0001g (0.1mg)
Repeatability: ± 0.0005g
Calibration: Internal Automatic Calibration
Output Interface: RS232
Product size: 350 x 207 x 355 mm
Pan Size: ⌀ 80 mm
Power Supply: 220v

1. Electromagnetic force compensation techonology
2. Aluminum alloy die cast base and mains
3. Stainless steel Platter
4. Enlarge LCD display with backlit
5. Glass windshield with sliding doors
6. Leveling adjustable foot
7. RS232C interface
8. Multi capacity could be selected
9. G and CT switch-over
10. Auto Cal/Tare/Counting/PRT/INT/ESC/Overload protection etc.
11. Certificate calibration weight supplied as standard