3-Year-Old Child Nursing Training Doll GD/FT333

3-Year-Old Child Nursing Training Doll

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This 3-year-old child nursing training doll with 85 cm length and flexible joint.
1) Daily child care: Dressing, living, bathing & etc.
2) Eye, Oral, Nose care.
3) Nursing of foreign body airway obstruction
4) Bladder irrigation.
5) Gastric (stomach) lavage.
6) Catheterizations.
7) Nasal feeding.
8) Intramuscular injection: Arm and Thigh
have intramuscular injection pad.
9) Wound Care – Suture.
10) Ostomy care.
11) Bladder puncture.
12) Replaced abdominal wall: Boy has a
Hernia repair scar, Girl has an Appendectomy

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 79x48x27cm, 13kgs